Electronic Manufacturing

So, you’ve got a design that needs to be completed or a prototype that requires a quick response. You might even have a purchase order that you need to fulfill but are concerned about the response time. Or, maybe you are already in production with an electronic manufacturing partner, but feel like you aren’t getting the level of performance, attention and communication that you’d like.

Summit is a unique EMS company in that we work with product owners on a wide range of electronic manufacturing projects. We’ve built our company around the concept of being able to rapidly prototype and bring new products to market, but also to sustain production of electronic products and deliver high quality products on even the most demanding schedule.

Summit Quality Policy

Summit is committed to satisfying all customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements while continuously improving the quality of its products, services, and quality management system.

Our typical customer has annual product volumes ranging from 100- 30,000 pieces annually. We provide ISO 9001:2015 level quality. Our delivery order policy is structured to meet the specific customer and product demand profile. Sixty percent plus of the Summit shipment revenue is shipped with a Kanban order policy that can provide up to 250 inventory turns a year with daily delivery.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Logansport, Indiana, and all production takes place there. With four RoHS compliant surface mount lines, we are set up to deliver product in volume and meet the most stringent short lead time deadlines.

We understand that in order for us to succeed you must first succeed, and we’re dedicated to making both happen.

Summit’s Electronic Manufacturing Capabilities


Mixed Technology PCBAs
SMT Intensive PCBAs
Cable and Harness Assembly


Automated Optical (AOI)
Offline X-Ray
Targarno Microscope

SMT Placement

0402 and Larger Chips
16 mil Pitch SOIC
BGA, micro BGA, DFN, QFN
LED Placement


Test Program Development
Fixture Design and Manufacture
Functional Testing

Screen Printing

RoHS Type 4 solder paste
Tin/Lead Type 3 solder paste
2D past inspection
Custom Stencil Cuts

Manufacturing Technology

Line Built Prototypes
Lean Manufacturing - small lot size
Supplier Bonding Programs
5 Day Production Cycle Time


Double Sided Reflow
9 Zone RoHS Ready Reflow Ovens
Integral Profiler Software


Nitrogen Soldering Blanket
Selective Solder - RoHS and Tin/Lead
Wave Solder - RoHS and Tin/Lead
No Clean Low Solid Flux

In short, Summit is the choice for low-moderate domestic electronic manufacturing services (EMS) in the Midwest. If you are interested in sourcing a new partner, or have a new product that you need to get into production quickly, then we should talk.

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