New Product Introduction

P1070244Summit/ems was founded in 1993 and tooled to support electronic product design, prototyping and transition to production. New Product Introduction (NPI) is the most critical time in the life of a product.

To assure success at Summit/ems, the following NPI structure is adhered to:

  • Specific milestones for customer approval are defined for each project to assure mutual agreement before entering the next phase…always going forward and never backwards.
  • The process is risk based in structure to define and eliminate product performance risks at the appropriate phase of NPI. Whether you do the design or the design is completed by Summit/ems, early cost information is provided at the point of a preliminary engineering Bill of Material (BOM) to assure that the final design release will meet product cost budgets.
  • All design documentation is maintained in a secure electronic format on our internal web site to assure availability of the most current configuration to all company functions.
  • The proof of design is in the prototyping. Summit/ems provides rapid prototype response to allow multiple prototype iterations if needed.
  • Validation of product performance, quality robustness and meeting cost objectives at the design, prototype, pilot production and the final production phase.
  • A final review after production launch to review any weakness and define improvements for the next upcoming NPI.

We think you’ll find our process unique in the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry, and quickly see how it can benefit you.

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