What’s New At Summit/ems

New Product Introduction (NPI) is a cornerstone of the capabilities that Summit offers to the EMSmarket. As they say, “Everything must start somewhere, sometime”. Here are some of the recent highlights.

Summit Helps Turn Camera Glasses Into RealityJuly 7, 2017

A interesting project Summit/ems is working on for an entrepreneur in Wyoming was recently featured in the Pharos-Tribune. Read more about Robert Fuziak's smart glass project Omniwearables- and how Summit/ems is helping to make the dream a reality - here:

Made to order - Logansport firm helping turn camera glasses into reality

Production Launches ContinueNovember 21, 2016

The economy seems to be supportive towards new product launches.  Two prototypes projects completed in the last few months have been approved for full rate production.  Two products are entering the electronic production phase.  This is the goal at Summit because this is where our customers start to recover their development costs and validate the demand for the products.

New Virginia CustomerNovember 21, 2016

A Virginia customer came to Summit to help resolve quality and delivery problems with an existing source.  The product is an open source 2.4GHz wireless development platform suitable for Bluetooth experimentation and a second product that supports RFID/NFC research.  Qualification products were produced and full rate production is just around the corner in early 2017.

Motion Sensor PrototypeNovember 21, 2016

A new Indiana customer came to Summit to produce the second iteration prototypes for a motion and presence sensor for automatic door control as well as pedestrian, bicycle and traffic sensing.  In addition to producing the electronic prototypes, software programming and production testing were also validated in the early stage to allow an acceleration of the production launch.  Sensing controls are becoming more of a Midwest industry and Summit is partnering with OEM to reduce the time to market timeline.

Solar Power Charging ControlNovember 21, 2016

The second iteration prototype for a portable charging control that converts solar energy to stored energy in a Lithium Ion battery pack to charge USB chargeable devices when you are off the grid.  Product Launch is targeted for the first quarter of 2017.  Summit has provided prototype and production manufacturing services for this OEM developer since 2010 and the new solar charger is the latest in a string of New Product Introductions.

Wireless Controller for LED lighting systemSeptember 14, 2016

Summit was approached by a Midwest LED system OEM to produce its first wireless LED controller for a mobile application. Working closely with a Midwest Design Center located in Ohio, the prototype units were delivered on time and are now in field testing with our customer. Immediate movement to field testing was enhanced as the PCBA worked the first time in the test lab.

Eye Glass Mounted CameraSeptember 14, 2016

OK, call us crazy but we signed on to produce a product for the recreational biking market of a look behind camera that mounts on the user’s eyeglass frame (camera on one side and battery pack on the other). The prototype was one of the most complex PCBA’s that Summit has manufactured and was needed to produce the Crowdfunding video to gain investor interest. The product was delivered to the Ohio design center for testing and then off the mountains of Wyoming for field testing. We will keep you posted on this one.