Why Choose Summit/ems

When you work with Summit/ems, you won’t get lost in a large corporate bureaucracy. In fact, every new customer works directly with our founder on their project. Why do we do business this way? Because we believe it provides the best value for our customers and allows Summit to bring your product to market faster.

Because our business is electronics manufacturing, we like to invest our time upfront to be sure everything is in order before we move into production. Our goal is to make your product successful, so we don’t add profit margin to design activities or tooling. Profit comes from success and we characterize success as being in production and allowing you to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Our relationship is all about transparency, so we also transfer all Intellectual Property (IP) to our customers for design projects and provide detailed Bill of Material (BOM) component cost breakdowns to assure design effectiveness.

At Summit/ems, we understand that communication is important in an electronics manufacturing EMS relationship. Because of that, we’ve made a strategic decision to work with Midwest-based companies. Our business model is actually built around this – we prefer to have the kind of close communication that only geographic co-location in the Midwest offers.

Additionally, our geographic location allows us to offer Kanban and other delivery policies that allow inventory reduction potential. We are able to provide up to 250 turns a year for some customers with daily product deliveries when required – imagine the positive impact that would have on your bottom line!

We’ve been in the electronics manufacturing industry since 1993, still increasing capabilities and adding customers. We build long term relationships with clients, most often producing 100 percent of their electronic manufacturing needs. We would like to discuss your next electronic assembly project.

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